Volcano great approach E-bike tour in Kagoshima(English guide)

Hill Climbing to the No-Entry Zone of Sakurajima, Japan's Premier Active Volcano


Kagoshima city, located at the southern tip of Japan, is home to the active volcano Sakurajima, which continues to be lively to this day. About 4 km away lies a city with a population of around 600,000 people. This is a globally rare region where an active volcano and a city coexist.


The area within 2 km from the crater is normally off-limits, but on this tour, you'll safely approach the crater with a guide who has special permission, climbing up the Nojiri River using disaster prevention techniques.

This unique experience allows you to witness the wild and fierce form of Sakurajima up close, feel the liveliness of the volcano and the Earth, and learn about the coexistence of nature and humans near a volcano that erupts on a regular basis.



Volcano great approach E-bike tour in Kagoshima(English guide)の詳細

時間 9:00〜 / 13:30~
所要時間 3.5 hour


定員 Up to 4 people

・Wear suitable for cycling in season. * Please wear pants with narrow hem to prevent the bicycle from being caught in.
・Drinks (There is a bottle holder that holds about 500 ml)
・Identification card (When renting or just in case. insurance card is desirable)

Window breaker. (Measures against sudden rain and wind)
Non-slip gloves. (Also as a measure to protect against cold)
Sunglasses. (Daytime glare control + ash fall control)
Small backpack. (You can also use rental side backs attached to bicycles for valuables management.)


Sakurajima Ferry Terminal → Sakurajima Sediment Control Center Front → Nojiri River (experience the size of the sand that Sakurajima spits out) → Nojiri River Sediment Control No. 8 (2 km from the crater) → Sakurajima Ferry Terminal

< Activity Level >
Mileage: Approx. 8 Km each way (16 km round trip)/Elevation difference between start and destination: 360 m


Sakurajima Ferry Terminal 3F (in front of Minato Cafe)


・In case of bad weather, call off the day before.
・E-bikes can be used comfortably if you are between 144 and tall. Otherwise, please contact us.
・E-bikers can participate in the tour, but (activity level) mileage: about 8 km one way (16 km round trip)/360 m elevation difference between the start and the destination.



Reservation Method 1: Please select "Number of People" and "Schedule by Calendar" from above and make a reservation.
Reservation method 2: Apply by email
*Please make a reservation at least one week in advance. It is a tour that requires adjustment of entry permit, so we cannot confirm it at the time of application. Please note that we will confirm your reservation on the date you requested.


Payment by card from the application page or payment by cash at the site after applying for mail


mail: r.oshikawa@sakurajima.gr.jp