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Getting around Sakurajima Visitor Center


1. Lava Nagisa Beach Park and Public Foot-Spa

The seaside park has a 100m long natural hot spring foot spa.
You can try to get warm while overlooking Kinko Bay and Kagoshima urban area with your back against Sakurajima.

Free Fee Hours:9:00 - sunset
Tourism Promotion Section Kagoshima City Hall TEL: 099(216)1327

2. Nagisa Lava Trail

The trail stretches for 3 km from Visitor Center sideward to Karasujima Observation Point along sea.
Lava fields that lead to sea can be observed.

Tourism Promotion Section Kagoshima City Hall TEL: 099(216)1327

3. Sakurajima Fishing Park

You can hire a fishing line and try fishing.
You might catch Red Sea Bream, Scorpion Fish or Blue Fish.

Fee: adult 200yen (4 hours) child 100yen (4 hours)
Hours:7:00-19:00(April-September), 7:00-17:00(October-March)

4. National Lodgings Rainbow Sakurajima(Sakurajima Maguma Hot Spring)

This hotel has programs to help you experience full beauty of the seasons.
You can take a bath, the vaunty Maguma hot spring from 100m in the underground.

Hot spring fee: adult 300yen, child 100yen
Hours: 10:00-22:00 TEL 099(293)2323

5. Rest Spot "Sakurajima" Hinoshima Megumikan

You can buy local produce directly.
There is a restaurant where original menus are created from the many kinds of local ingredients.

Hours: Direct selling 9:00-19:00(18:00) Meal:9:00-18:00(17:00)
(Closed: October-March) Closed: every 3rd Monday 099(245)2011

6. Sakurajima Dinosaur Park

In reality, Sakurajima wasn't yet formed in the age of the dinosaurs. Nonetheless, this to-scale display allows us to see dinosaurs against the backdrop of Sakurajima.
Children can also enjoy the 12m long slide and athletics facilities.
You can enjoy seeing the cherry blossoms in spring.

Any time without a reservation. Parks and Greens Division Kagoshima City Hall TEL 099(216)1366

Recommended spots


7. Karasujima Observatory

Karasujima was a small island 500m off the coast of Sakurajima, which was engulfed by lava in the great eruption of 1914.

Any time without a reservation
Tourism Promotion Section Kagoshima City Hall TEL: 099(216)1327

8. Yunohira Observatory

Situated at the 4th station of Mount Kita-dake and 373m above sea level, the observatory is the highest place that you can climb.
You can also view the surface of Sakurajima, the Kagoshima urban area, and Mount Kaimon.The sunset and the night view are particularly beautiful.

Free Admission Hours: 9:00-17:00
Tourism Promotion Section Kagoshima City Hall TEL: 099(216)1327

9. Sakurajima International Volcanic Sabo Center

This is where you can learn about how to respond to disasters such as mudslides.
The role as the escape facility is also important.

Free Admission Hours: 9:30-17:00
Closed: Monday (When Monday is holiday, closed on the following Tuesday.) TEL: 099(221)2030

10. Furusato Hot Spring Area

This hot spring overlooking the bay is born from the thermal energy of Sakurajima.
Relax and take in the view of Kinko Bay and the Satsuma and Osumi peninsulas.

Sakurajima Seaside Hotel TEL 099(221)2121
Sakurajima Hotel TEL 099(221)2311

11. Arimura Lava Observatory

The observatory is on a hill that was formed from lava flow from the great eruption of 1914.
There is a 1 km path that allows you to see geographical features and vegetation resulting from the lava flow.

Any time without a reservation.
Tourism Promotion Section Kagoshima City Hall TEL: 099(216)1327

12. Kurokami Buried Shrine Gate

This shrine gate was buried by pumice and ash in the huge eruption of 1914.
Only the top three meters of the gate remain visible.

Any time without a reservation.


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