Spring has come


It is a beautiful cherry blossom season in Japan.

cherry4.jpgThis photo is cherry blossom in sakurajima.

Sakurajima Island View Bus (Sakurajima Port~Yunohira Observatory loop bus)


Sakurajima Island view bus is a loop bus that takes you from Sakurajima Port to Yunohira Observatory.

●Travel time: 60min.
●8 trips a day
●Single ride: Adults¥110~¥430 , Children¥60~¥220
●One-day pass: Adults¥500 , Children¥250
※This pass can't be used on the Kagoshima City View Bus, Kagoshima City tram or buses, or private company buses.
●Route: Sakurajima Port - Hinoshima Megumikan Rest Shop - Rainbow Sakurajima Inn - Sakurajima Visitor Center - Karasujima Observatory(5 min. stay) - Akamizu View Park(8 min. stay) - Akamizu Yunohira Guchi - Yunohira Observatory (15min. stay)- Oshu Elementary School -Sakurajima Port
●Sakurajima Visitor Center Departure: ①9:03 ②10:08 ③11:13 ④12:18 ⑤13:23 ⑥14:28 ⑦15:33 ⑧16:38
●You can get the ticket at :Kagoshima Chuo Station Information Center, Sakurajima Island View, Kagoshima Tourist Center, Sakurajima Transport, Kagoshima Port Window, Sakurajima Port Window.

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