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Frequently Asked Question

Recommended spots where active volcano Sakurajima can be experienced

Q:Yunohira Observatory. (373m )

It is located 10 km from the visitor center.
"Sakurajima Island View Bus" will take you to the Yunohira observatory.
2 hours by walking and bicycle.
15 minutes by car.
By taxi, 4000~6000yen round trip.
Sightseeing bus (1,700yen) will take you there.

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Q:Time table of the buses to Arimura Lava Observatory.

There is a bus stop on the way back to the ferry terminal.
The time table is written on the paper and sealed on the window near the cashier in the visitor center.
You can also take a bus at the Ferry terminal.
By bicycle, 1.5 hours.
By car, 20minutes.

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Q:Which Onsen is recommended?

There are onsen in 3 different parts of Sakurajima.
Closest one is Maguma-onsen in Kokumin shukusha hotel next to visitor center.
It is popular among locals as well.
1 person 300 yen, and shampoo and soap are set in onsen.
Shirahama-onsen is in the northern part of Sakurajima.
This is full of local atmosphere, and it has a good reputation among elder people.
They do not have soap or shampoo set, but you can buy those there.

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Q:Any place within walking distance from visitor center.

Foot bath in front of visitor center is open until sunset (towel is 300 yen in visitor center).
Karasujima Observation Point is 30 minutes (3km) walk on Nagisa Lava trail.

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Q:How to get to Ryujin-rotenburo (Furusato onsen).
I'm sorry. It became closed in September.

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Q:Camping in Sakurajima.

There is no camping site in Sakurajima.
Camping is prohibited.

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Q:Any beach in Sakurajima?

There is Rainbow beach as an artificial beach made for family.
It is in front of the hotel called Rainbow Sakurajima next to the visitor center.

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Q: Is there JR bus in Sakurajima?

No, there is no JR bus in Sakurajima.

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Q:Can I climb the Sakurajima(crater)?

Since Sakurajima is still active, it is prohibited to get close to the crater.
Yunohira Observation Point is the highest point (373m) tourist can go to.
However, the recent most active crater, Showa-kako, is able to see from the Kurokami area.
(Kurokami is in East Sakurajima)

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Q:What time is the last ferry?

Sakurajima Ferry is operational 24 hours a day.
Travel time is 15 minutes.

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Q:Good food in Sakurajima?

Restaurant in"Rainbow Sakurajima" (next to Visitor Center)
Rest Spot "Sakurajima"Hinoshima Megumikan
"Chinman"(next to Ousyu elementary school)
Caf・Mamencya (Closed:Mon,Fri)
Restaurant in Furusato Kanko Hotel

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Q:Convenience store.

There is a convenient store, Family Mart, on the corner to the Sakurajima Lava Road from visitor center.

There is also a super market called `A co-op` near here.

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Q:How far from Sakurajima to Kagoshima across the sea?

Approximately 4km.

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Q:Why does Sakurajima has the word jima, meaning of island even though it is not an island?

Sakurajima is now part of Osumi peninsula, but it was an island until the Taisho eruption in 1914.

It was 330-400m width, and 70-80m depth between Sakurajima and Osumi peninsula.
The Taisho eruption filled the gap between them with lava.

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